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ISC and NLnet Labs join forces in DNS Advanced Security Notifications

The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) and NLnet Labs have signed an agreement enabling ISC to resell Advance Security Notification Subscriptions (ASN) for NLnet Labs’ software. ISC is currently offering ASN for BIND, and will now also provide the same service for NLnet Lab’s Unbound and NSD software. This combined ASN coverage is particularly useful for operators who run heterogenous DNS systems. In case of security vulnerability incidents, ASN customers will receive formal notice and pre-releases of patches. In general this will be done between three and five working days in advance of public disclosure.

Both organizations announce today to intensify cooperation to take advantage of their joint resources, influence and scale, in order to further increase service levels to the market. ISC has an extensive background and experience in 24/7 support on a global level. NLnet Labs recently started providing 24/7 SLA’s by its 100% subsidiary Open Netlabs BV.

„Combining services show our strong commitment when it comes to security concerns”, said Jeff Osborn, President of ISC. „Recent incidents like Heartbleed have shown that high level professional 24/7 support is a necessity for mission critical open source software”.

„As genetic diversity increases the stability of the Internet ecosystem, provides freedom of choice and pushes technological innovation, we do believe that a multi-vendor Open Source model for mission critical architectures like DNS, will be the key succesfactor to tackle and solve scalability and security issues and provide a solid basis for DNS-operators, telco’s and service providers.” according Han Brouwers, Managing Director of Open Netlabs.

ISC and NLnet Labs are non-profit organizations, depending on donations and income from support subscriptions. ISC will return all revenue from NLnet Labs ASN subscriptions back to NLnet Labs, contributing to its long term sustainability. "

About ISC:
ISC is the organization behind the ongoing development and distribution of the most used name server software, BIND. Our team of experts helps drive the DNS standards and author the reference implementation that is then distributed as commercial-quality Open Source software for the Internet community. ISC provides the same leadership both in standards development and software for the DHCP protocol. Over the years, the ISC team has written over 60 RFCs, and is proud to be contributors to the Internet Engineering Task Force.

About NLnet Labs:
The NLnet Labs Foundation (NLnet Labs for short) is a not for profit foundation founded in 1999 in the Netherlands. Its statutes define its objectives: to develop Open Source software and open standards for the benefit of the Internet. The foundation believes that the Openness of the network, as enabled by technology and policy, thrives human wellbeing and prosperity. By contributing technology and expertise in the form of Open Source Software and Open Standards, we contribute to wellbeing and prosperity for all. Open Netlabs BV is a 100% subsidiary op NLnet Labs.

Open Netlabs is a services and consulting company providing support and knowledge services on the software products of NLnet Labs